Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Daniel's Birthday

Today is my eldest son's birthday. He is leaving the world of childhood and entering into teenagehood. In the modern world, many societies failed to have specific rituals for this rite of passage, which is sad because it is something to be celebrated. As part of the Rite of Passage for Daniel I have chosen to use the Goddess Macha, the Celtic Goddess of Initiations. She was also seen as a war Goddess and cured the wounded (which Daniel has certainly been this year). Thank you to my friend Sassy for passing on this blessing of Macha. As she pointed out the words totally suited Daniel, especially in regards to his Karate, which anyone who knows Daniel, knows karate is his life. So this is a page I made using that blessing. Will be back later to post more photos of Daniel's birthday celebration.


  1. Happy Birthday Daniel hope you get lots of good stuff,after all thats what Birthdays are all about are they not lol.

  2. I absolutely love what you did with that Kylie, the photos were perfectly chosen too!! Blessings of Macha on you Dan as you celebrate the rite of passage in your life .. may all your battles be fair and all your wounds short lived.