Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our Zoo Trip

On the weekend we took the kids to the zoo. What a wonderful day we had, except for one thing. My son Tristan just loves Orangutans, thats all he wanted to see. When we got to where their exhibit was it was empty, they had taken them off display to re-arrange enclosures or something. Of all the animals that could have not been on display it had to be the one that one of the kids really wanted to see. Evening seeing the new baby elephant they have there wasn't enough to brighten him up from the lack of "rangas". Overall between myself and my eldest son we took some 900 photos. So I think I will be scrapping zoo pics for months lol. Here are a few layouts I have made so far.

Kits: Natural Breeze - Digi Design Resort
By the Seaside - Nutkin Tailz Designs
On the Beach - Waterlo

Kit: Flutterby - Kiki Halbert Designs

Kit: Versailles - Irene Alexeeva

Kit: First Kiss of Spring - Flergs

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